Silky Smooth Gay Asian Twinks Fucking Bareback and Solo

Asian Twinks Jake and Hans

Added: 2017-09-30

When Hans arrives at his friend’s apartment, he quickly realizes they won’t be watching a movie. Jack is stripped down to his underwear and Hans wastes little time getting naked. The cute Asian twinks exchange blow jobs, before Jake decides to give his friend an ass rimming. Then he lowers himself down on Hans and takes his stiff cock for a bareback ride. Hans fucks Jake with a steady slow rhythm, balls slapping against his friend’s butt, as he thrusts his shaft deep into the boy’s little ass. Jake unloads onto his belly, as Hans fucks him raw. Hans is turned on by the smell of Jake’s cum and shoots his load. Jake scoops it onto his fingers and smears Hans’ cock with cum, before he licks up the sticky mess and swallows.